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Product List

CNG Compressors

TONGDA Machinery has over four decades experience in CNG compressor manufacturing. Up to now, we have supplied over 2500 sets of natural gas compressors for our domestic and overseas clients. Our market share in China exceeds 40%.


1. Type L: This range of CNG compressor offers capacity from 500 to 1500Nm3/h, and it is dedicated for small sized CNG filling stations.
2. Type D: With capacity between 700 and 4500Nm3/h, this series of compressor is designed for medium and large sized CNG filling stations as well as the CNG mother stations.
3. Daughter station CNG compressor: As its name indicates, the product is often used for CNG daughter stations. After exhausting the high pressure natural gas from the CNG trailer, it then increases the pressure up to 25Mpa so as to fill gas for vehicles.
4. Gas engine driven compressor: Our range of natural gas compressor is divided into the one driven by electric motor and the one driven by natural gas engines. The natural gas engine driven type offers a great solution for places where power supply is unavailable or insufficient, including oilfield, and CNG filling stations with frequent power failure.


Our performance CNG compressors offer high reliability and are available at affordable prices. They come with high competitiveness on international market, because of their high capacity, low vibration, high efficiency, compact structure, and long term stability. Additionally, they support long term continuous operation, simple maintenance, and low operation cost. The spare parts are provided at low cost as well. PLC control system is adopted to ensure higher safety.

Why Choose Us

1. The annual production capacity for CNG compressors exceeds 300 sets.
2. All our products are manufactured in strict conformation with ISO 13707standards. They are also SGS, ABS, and CCS compliant.
3. We are staffed with 340 employees, including 60 research and development personnel.
4. We have earned certifications such as ISO 9001, SGS, OGRA, OMIC, and Special Equipment Installation License (Pressure Equipment).

After Sales Service

1. We deliver goods in 24 hours for domestic clients, and also ensure timely deliver for overseas clients.
2. Our CNG compressor is provided with 12 months warranty after the completion of testing and commissioning. The warranty generally won't exceed 18 months after goods delivery. During the warranty period, we will be responsible for equipment replacement and maintenance if there is any quality problems.
3. In addition to the complete service network in mainland China, we also have after sales service centers in Thailand, Pakistan, Uzbekistanbekistan, and more. Specialized service personnel are available for timely equipment maintenance. 24-hour technical support and assistance are provided in multiple languages, including Chinese, English, Russian, etc. Maintenance and operator trainings are offered as well.