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CNG Station Controls And Monitor System

CNG Storage:

PLC programmable auto-control system consists of customer data managing system and graphical user interface operating-control system. The system owns the functions of integral system data display and emergency dealing. Meanwhile, the control system can present all kinds of operation modes of the gas station through favorable graphical user interface, and define the gas station by real time monitoring, auto-billing, system alarm recording, auto-statistic and report outputting, etc.

Classification of CNG Station Controls and Monitor System

1. Compressor PLC Control Panels: The compressor has a great function of protection and autocontrol by adopting PLC programmable controller, which is featured by advanced skill, reliable quality, high safety degree and high automation. It has also realized automatically opening, stopping, loading and discharging and the function of hand motion.
2. CNG Station SCADA System: Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition is designed for long-distance supervisory, control, communication and adjustments through collecting, motoring and controlling data of all equipments in the CNG station.
3. MCP (Master Control Panel): MCP is designed to gather and control all the equipments in the gas station, including all the data of compressor’s PLC like every stage’s input and discharge pressure, temperature and the temperature of lubricating oil; flow, pressure and the temperature of gas dispenser/gas column; refueling quantity and pressure of every vehicle and the per-day or per-shift refueling quantity of the whole station, etc.

Benefits of the CNG Station Controls and Monitor System

1. CNG Ground Cascade Storage: CNG ground cascade consists of a series of natural gas cylinders, steel frame, valves, pressure gauge,
2. CNG Cylinders for Vehicle: It features good low-temperature toughness, fatigue resistance, small weight/volume ratio, aesthetical design, safety and reliability
3. CNG Tube Trailers: CNG long pipeline/gas cylinder transportation trailers can be divided into: CNG Tube Skid Container Data Sheet (8 tubes), CNG Tube Skid Container Data Sheet (10 tubes) and Intelligent 212 L composite cylinder bundling transport tank truck.

Benefits of the CNG Station Controls and Monitor System

1.It will enhance monitoring and control over CNG station’ activity
2.It can avoid counterfeit in the station
3. Preventing unauthorized dispenser handling including parameter changing.
4. It will enhance cash management
5. Increasing station staff’ efficiency through better monitoring.
6. Replacing conventional paper slips and avoiding chances of manipulation
7. It will upgrade customer service with automated slips, vouchers and payment system.